10 Best Birthday Pranks For Yours Kids To Make The Day Remember

There are around 365 days in a year but we got only one day to celebrate when you try to forget all of yours problems and start your year with a fresh and happy start. And when it’s a Birthday day of yours kids then you put all your effort to make them happy. But sometimes its more than just a birthday so you have to be the kid and play with them as their best friends. Here are the some of the best pranks you can put to tick them with yours childhood humor…

Cover the door of your kid in the morning with the wall of balloons and stick with the tape writing on it happy birthday

Or fill the car with balloons and told his to sit on the front seat of yours car

Or make a birthday cake in a lunch box for the kid that having a special bomb filling

or make a deep front sponge cake for them just like you have another real one in the fridge and try to imitate like you are eating it

or write something on the windshield of the back of the car so that everyone knows that it their birthday today

or decorate the room with the favorite color of yours kids like they are in heaven or may be just like …

or feel him like he is a king or queen who is on the royal ride…

or having balloons that are originally so expensive that give money when they go burst

or trick him in the morning when he not so up from his sleep through the bathroom prank

or When you place the best gift inside a puzzle and he spent most of his time to solve it

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